We offer a full menu of high-quality pool chemicals.  We carry the brands you know and trust, and we're excited to recommend new high-performing products to improve your pool experience.  Check out our competitive pricing and get everything you need to keep your pool one place!

We also have a wide variety of pool parts and other pool systems, including:

  • pumps

  • pump motors and parts

  • filters, including sand and cartridge 

  • replacement sand and glass beads

  • replacement cartridge filter elements

  • heat pumps

  • solar pool heaters (the most cost effective method -- state tax credits available)

  • solar blankets and winter safety covers

  • auto chlorinators

  • chlorine alternatives, rare-metal systems, salt/chlorine generators, ozone systems


Bad water chemistry can attack your spa's finish, plumbing, and mechanical, resulting in unanticipated and expensive problems. We carry the highest quality spa chemicals to help you avoid this problem; we're also qualified to fix any spa issues that might crop up.  Competitive pricing and knowledgeable staff mean you won't waste time or money.

We also have a wide variety of spa parts and other spa systems, including:

  • pumps

  • pump motors and parts

  • heaters and heating elements

  • ozone systems

  • metal systems

  • controls