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Enjoy all of the great benefits of pool and spa ownership without the time, energy, and hassle of taking care of it yourself. With 35 years in the pool and spa industry, there's no replacement for our quick and knowledgeable staff.

We offer on-site services:

  • Leak detection and line repair -- underwater or underground, we do both!

  • Equipment repairs -- we can fix leaks and repair your pumps, filters, heaters

  • Pool inspections -- we specialize in pre-home sale inspections

  • Dive services offered all year

  • Solar installations

  • Spa systems -- we can install ozone and metal systems 

Have a unique sales and installation need? We can help:

  • We sell and install heating systems, including solar, gas heaters, and electric heat pumps

  • Don't overlook your spa controls -- older spas can be upgraded with new controls for a second life!

  • Don't like chlorine? Ask us about sales and installations of chlorine alternatives, such as salt, ozone, and rare metals

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