Free Water Testing

If the water balance in your pool or spa is not properly maintained, your water might become unhealthy to you and your family.  It may also damage your equipment, and, ultimately, your pool or spa.


Let South Valley Pool & Spa help you manage your water balance and keep your family swimming in good health.  Bring a water sample from your pool or spa to our Talent location for an analysis, free with $15 purchase.  We recommend you bring in a sample once each month that your pool or spa is in use.

While you browse the great selection at South Valley Pool & Spa, or enjoy a (free) cup of coffee on our outside patio, we will test your water for hardness, pH, alkalinity, chlorine, and chlorine stabilizer.

Based on your individual test results, our staff will recommend a custom chemical treatment, and offer detailed instructions on how to apply the chemicals to your pool or spa for optimal results.

Please note:  To help us provide you with the most accurate test results, before you visit, determine the number of gallons in your pool or spa, and whether you have a chlorine or salt system.